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CSA Program Details

Our CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

We are committed to providing you an experience that is meaningful, educational, and healthy, with products we are truly proud of.

*Shares are distributed weekly over two “seasons” throughout the year, Summer Season & the Fall Season, and picked-up at the time and location selected during the sign-up process.

*Summer FULL Season Share (16 Weeks-June-late Sept.) 

Full Share: $25/Wk. ($400 *Good for 2-4 people)

Small Share: $20/Wk. ($320 *Good for 1-2 people)

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*Summer SHORT Season Share (12 Weeks-June-early Sept.) 

Full Share: $25/Wk. ($300 *Good for 2-4 people)

Small Share: $20/Wk. ($240 *Good for 1-2 people)

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*Summer Flower Share (14 Weeks-late June-late Sept.) 

Small Flower Share (pint jar): $5.70/Wk. ($80)

Large Flower Share (quart jar): $10/Wk. ($140)

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*Fall Share (Oct.-Dec.) 

FALL SHARE Sign Up's...coming late summer 2019


 *What's in a CSA Share?? what to expect in a typical mid-season vegetable share can be found by clicking here...

CSA memberships after season start dates will be pro-rated based on the week you start your first scheduled pick-up

*During all of the share Seasons we offer "a-la-carte add-ons", some of which can be found in the Farm Store. If you don't see what you are looking for, drop us an email at with your request and we will do our best to accomodate you! The items ordered will delivered at the share pick-up location you've selected for your farm share.

 CSA Membership Benefits:

* be more connected with your sustenance through direct support of the farmer who grows your food.

*allow the farmer to manage the farm operations & expenses in a more sustainable way because of your direct support from farm membership.

* feel good about knowing that you are taking a direct role in sharing the risks, responsibilities, and benefits of what it takes to feed our community

* be connected to a more natural cycle of eating seasonally

* help build a more robust, secure and TRULY sustainable food system

* help reduce the impact on our natural resources and environment.

*protect our environment by conserving our energy use

* eat healthier and more nutritious food, this due to the shorter time from harvest to consumption

* better tasting food!


Feel free to email us with any further questions.  We're happy to help!


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