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CSA FAQ's...


What is CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture"

...CSA originally was intended as a way for folks in the community to directly support their local farm by purchasing a "share" in the farm.  Purchasing a share ahead of the busy growing season helps the farmer pay for many up-front costs like seed, fertilizer, and other supplies.  In return for purchasing a "share", farm membership provides the season's bounty from that growing season to the farm members.  Many farms run their CSA programs differently, but we all similarly provide weekly shares of fresh, in-season vegetables.

What's in a weekly share and how many people does your share feed?

“...some folks feel that our "Small Share" supplements what they normally purchase from the grocer...”

It really depends on the eating and cooking habits of the individual...  Some things to think about:  How often do you cook at home?  Do you frequently cook with fresh veggies and "whole" foods, or are you a ‘beginner’?  Are you feeding small children or growing teenagers?  Generally, a Full share is the right amount for two vegetable loving adults that really enjoy cooking with fresh produce, or an ‘average’ family of two adults with two small children.  However, some folks feel that our "Small Share" supplements what they normally purchase from the grocery store perfectly well...what it comes down to is the need to try it out!  For Example...a mid-season July 4th "Full Share" has included:  Basil, Broccoli, Chard, Cilantro, Lettuce -or- Lettuce Mix, Radishes, Kale, a small Cabbage, Tomatoes and Beets...

How much does it cost?

Summer Shares run over two legnth of "seasons", from June through Sept., and Avg.'s $20-$25/wk, with the Fall Share going  from early October until mid a one size share, distributed bi-weekly, that equals $20/wk”

We have two CSA seasons...and all seasons have similar cost structures. If you average the whole cost over the season, Full Share's end up only being $25/wk and Small Share's end up at a bargain of $20/wk.! Depending on what season and share you sign up for, the cost will vary. Find out more by clicking here.

When does the CSA Season Start?

Summer Shares run over two length of "seasons", June through Sept., and the Fall Shares  from October until mid December...”

We have two CSA share seasons...two programs during the summer and one during the fall.  The first season generally starts around mid June and runs through early or late September, depending on which share length you pick.  The "Fall Share" goes from early October until mid December. Click here for Season Information...

Where do I get my CSA Share?

Our pick up locations are found in Alton, Gilford, & Laconia NH...”

You may find all of our pick up locations, times and options by clicking here...

What if I go out of town or on vacation?

there are a couple of options...”

If you are unable to pick up your share on a given week, there are a couple of options... We find the best option may be to find a substitute, like a family member, friend, or co-worker to pick up your share, or you can donate your share and the farm will donate the value to one of the many charities we work with, or you may place a "hold" on the share, that can be made up on another pickup (...or the value can be "redistributed" throughout the rest of the season's shares) and lastly, you may simply “forfeit” the share.

You are able to go to the website, sign-in to place your vacation holds and manage your account, check balances, etc. However, we can only offer (2) vacation holds per season, and ask that you do so at least one week in advance!

It seems like a lot of food, do you offer smaller shares?

We do offer "Small Shares"...

These shares are for individuals or couples who do not eat a lot of vegetables. If you're still not sure...some members "share a share" with a friend, neighbor or relative.  The members who end up sharing a share have told us that this option ends up being a really valuable opportunity to connect with these friends on a regular basis as well as cover for some out-of-town or vacation weeks. FYI...Small Shares are only offered during the Summer season.

 What does "seasonal" mean?

The prevalence of cheap fossil fuels and large-scale transportation infrastructure has made it possible to ship foods from many miles away...the average grocery store produce has traveled 1500 miles.  This has made out-of-season produce so common that most don't even realize that there is a season when different vegetables are normally available locally.  Prior to the 1950's you just didn't see strawberries in the grocer outside of the summer strawberry season...tomatoes weren't available in January...and folk's dinner table's reflected what was available from a more local production stream.  This one seemingly small detail has HUGE implications for our local and global environmental "foot-print".  When, as much as possible, you eat only what is in season your impact on the environment cannot be understated...all this while supporting your local food producers whom are deeply committed to providing the very thing that keeps us all alive!

Do you offer any special payment plans?

"Yes, we now offer a payment plan that members can contribute toward their CSA share for the coming season, prior to it's start."

Yes, we now offer a payment plan that members can contribute toward their CSA share for the coming season, prior to it's start.  The plan is done with a credit card and schedules start and change at intervals through the late winter and spring.  The only requirement is that all shares will be scheduled to be paid up in full by the week before the season starts. So, that means the earlier you start your payment plan, the less it is per month!

Is there a Deadline for signing up?

No...For those of you that just found out about us, we pro-rate our shares after the season has begun.”

There isn't really a deadline for signing up for any given season.  We pro-rate share value's as the season progresses so that folks can still sign up part way through a season already under-way.

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