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Need a 12-pack?

Bloom Vase Packs...Ready to Go

Doesn't everyone need a 12-pack every once in a while?

We do not have a NH Liquor License, but we do have a lot of gorgeous flowers that can be quite the mood lifter!

These adorable bud vases can be designed, created, and ready for you to pick up with at least a 2-3 day advance notice (depending on quantity required). 

They are perfect for your special event, as a thank you gift to all of the staff in your office, or a great way to say how much you love your bestest of friends!

The cost for a 12-pack is reasonable...$84 which includes a jar deposit. If you are able to bring back all of the jars, you will receive your $12 deposit back! Price does not include delivery charges, which may apply if not being picked up at one of traditional pickup locations.

Please note that special requests including flower type and color scheme may change the cost of your 12-pack.



"LIVE" Recipe Bank hereJune 10th, 2018

There are tabs at the bottom of the file for each vegetable type that you can click on for ideas. We will keep adding recipes as we learn about them AND we welcome your additions! Check it out here!

Flower Shares Start Week of 6/25June 10th, 2018

I am beyond excited to see things growing and can't wait to share the blooms and color with you! Every moment I can get, I am out there weeding, seeding, watering, and planting.  It is going to

The Battle Begins & CSA Starts Next Week!June 4th, 2018

It's been a busy spring out there with a cold, dry start to the 2018 season, but we've still been able to make headway. The high tunnel was constructed and planted in early May, the tractor was fixed