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Twice Baked Winter Squash


Delicata, Sweet Dumpling, Acorn, Marina de Choggia or other winter squash – enough for 4 people
1 c plain yogurt salt and pepper to taste
4T butter (for sage) 4 oz goat cheese
10-15 sage leaves
Fresh rosemary, thyme, or other herbs

Halve winter squash. Rub flesh with olive oil and place face down on a a baking tray. Roast at 450 degrees for 35 minutes or more depending on size. Remove from oven and cool slightly when softened. While cooling, brown sage leaves in butter on low heat. Scrape out squash, leaving shell intact. Place squash in bowl and mix in yogurt, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and browned sage. Stuff back into shells and top with goat cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until warmed through.

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